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Sparks; Respighi, Ottorino Tod Wicks
Ottorino Respighi was an Italian composer of note who lived in the early part of the 20th century. He traveled to the US quite often and was immensely in love with San Francisco. He spent so much time there that he found himself in a small circle of music-loving San Franciscans, one of whom kept referring to him as Sparks.

Respighi let this go but at one point his curiosity overcame him. He asked his friend why he called him Sparks.

The friend replied that to get to San Francisco he traveled by railroad and the train went through Sparks, Nevada, right?

Respighi answered that indeed it did go through Sparks but what was point?

The friend then said that Sparks was outta Reno, right?

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Tod Wicks
Tod has just redone his home computer room adding new equipment and programs.  When he fires it up, lights all over town dim.
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