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A Note From a Resident of Megalong Valley
Tod Wicks
I subscribe to various "lists" covering a variety of interests through the Internet.  In one of these I noticed that another poster noted that she lived in Megalong Valley, New South Wales, Australia.  I wrote her the following note off-list:

My question is this:  Exactly how long is a mega-long valley?  A million times longer than a regular long valley?  Sorry if you don't appreciate this; just the thought of a megalong valley tickled my funnybone.

Erica M. kindly responded with the following:
Relax, I've got a sense of humour <g>. You know, I lived here for years before some American on an email list asked a similar question to yours, and I realised I'd never seen the funny side of the name. One is just so used to hearing funny names in Australia, such as Wooloomooloo, Parramatta (near Sydney), Wagga Wagga, Bong Bong (used to live there), Turramurra, Wirragula, Bullaburra (used to live there), Maroochydore, Bundanoon, Yacka, Goondoowindi, Yackandanda, Ulladulla to give but a small sample, all Anglo-corruptions of Aboriginal words/names; Megalong is relatively mild by Australian standards).

Canada seems to have a similar 'problem'; my family is Canadian, and when I lived there we lived next to Lake Katchewanooka, and our local indian tribe was the 'Kickapoo' - had me in hysterics as a nine-year-old.

Incidentally,  Megalong Valley is quite a small valley as valleys go... doesn't deserve its name... but in the local Aboriginal tongue 'Megalong' apparently meant 'valley under the cliff', which is certainly appropriate. 

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Tod Wicks
Globetrotting engineer TOD WICKS recently blew in from Tibet, wearing a fur hat and complaining that they don't brew yak-butter tea like they used to. He may or may not be off to Australia shortly, depending on whether or not they need more telephones. [He was off to Australia when his boss said:  "Go to Australia for a couple of weeks to help out.  We'll get another engineer to replace you after three weeks tops.  Three months later he returned.  Famous last words from El Jefe.]

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