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Dave Kirby
A History Lesson
Be A Math Whiz
Biblical Archeology Today
From Mother Goose to Ma Bell and Back
Frank Klotz
New Software Announcement
David Koblick
Rapping With an E.T.
Speling Riform - Thc Taim iz Raip
The Incredible Shrinking Dollar
Daniel Kottke
Alternate Tax Form
Mark Kres
The Beginner's Guide to Texas Eating
Marvin Larson
What's a Milpitas?
Rita Laws
Beware the Mail
The Overdue Farewell
The Risks of Homebirth
Le Strobe
Americanics: After Them the Deluge (if Not Already)
Barry Leff
Act Like a Dummy and They'll Treat You Like an Equal
I swear...but by what book?
Japan Joins the Industrialized World
Mensa Politics
Morning in Jerusalem
New Sect of Economics Announced
Silicon Valley Fever: A Review
The Counter-Culture
The Death of KFAT
The Exxon-Vatican Merger
The Mensabuck Economy
The Ultimate in Taxi Decoration
There's No Book Like the Phone Book
Two Types of Flying
Cheryl Leff
More From Mullah Nasruddin
Mullah Nasruddin
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Brian Litzenberger
Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski
Le Coin d'Archimède 1
Le Coin d'Archimède 2
Le Coin d'Archimède 3
Le Coin d'Archimède 4
Le Coin d'Archimède 5
James Loverde
First Day in Europe
August Lyons
Wish You Were Here
Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie
Call Girl
Limerick to the Perfect Poet
Maverick Redefinition
The Escalator
The Lady
The Madman
True Vision
Two Haikus
We'll Ever Go A-Roving
Mark R. MacHogan
Sunday Drive
The Curiosity SIG
The Fat Farm
Arthur Madsen
To the Muse
JoAnn Malina
A New Theory of Organizations
Anti-Prometheus in the Writings of Edward Abbey
Bring Back the Menstrual Hut
Movie Review: Reds
Real Mensans Don't Psittacate
Review: Facing the Gods, James Hillman, Ed
Science Fiction and Mysticism
Sociable Intercourse
What am I Bid?
What Do You Say To a Naked Robot?
What is Worth Knowing
'Duardo de la Mancha
Abaso Apples (A Doctor's Lament)
Andrew Marvell
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The Contributors

The great thing about hyperlinked text is that I don't need to identify any of these articles by page numbers, forcing my readers to thumb through these pages. I simply highlight the item's title and link it directly to the article. Bits of biographical information are now placed in sidebars next to nearly every article. To glean more nuggets about an author, check out their other contributions.

You can also learn more about any author whose name is colored brown by clicking their name on the Contributor pages, which will open a "pop-up" window with that person's biography and photo (if submitted).