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ecphorize vb trans [fr Gr εκφοροζ {to be} made known] To evoke ideas or dispositions from a latent to a manifest state. cf. OED

Hello and welcome! You've reached The Ecphorizer Online, an online magazine that has its roots in the print magazine of the same name published in the 1980s.

This site serves to recognize and memorialize on the Internet the creative work that the original Ecphorizer project brought to readers more than 30 years ago under the direction of Founder and Editor Emeritus George Towner.

The print project began in 1981 with the original Ecphorizer, which published opinions, stories, articles, and the occasional bit of humor.

The Ecphorizer Online has been on the Internet since 2000.  After the initial push to publish the entire printed work under Editor Emeritus George Towner (issues 1 - 70) and to add occasional new articles culled from the Internet, The Ecphorizer Online has lain moribund for several years.  The original editor and keeper of The Ecphorizer Online, Tod Wicks, has been chasing other adventures and has not been involved in the project for some time.  There are a couple of college students who occasionally check the status to be sure the site is running but otherwise there is no active staff.

Therefore we have removed the "Contact Us" page as there is really no one to contact and no one receives messages in any case. The site will remain online for the foreseeable future, however there will be no new material.

Ecphorizer Research!  Ecphorizer Founder and Editor Emeritus George Towner has contributed a short article regarding his ongoing research into philosophy.  Check it out the Principles of Constructionism here.


Disclaimer:  Though the original Print version of The Ecphorizer was a project of San Francisco Regional Mensa, this site has no affiliation with SFRM or American Mensa, Ltd.  We welcome all visitors and contributors, whether members of Mensa or not. 

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