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1 11.0010010000 11111101101 Gareth Penn View
2 17 Days in Exotic India Martha Johnson View
3 22nd-Century Battle of the Sexes Dale Adams View
4 A Better Way Susan Packie View
5 A Big Bob Story Tod Wicks View
6 A Brewer of Miracles John Cumming View
7 A Campaign Kickoff View
8 A Captive of the Tank Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. View
9 A Climber's Bestiary Albert Duro View
10 A Climber's Guide To The Swiss Alps Sir Andrew Fysshe, O.B.E View
11 A Collection of Puns compiled by Tod Wicks View
12 A Contract Proposal to the Government View
13 A Cure for Unemployment John B. O'Donnell View
14 A Day at the Beach Joseph Antonitis View
15 A Day At The Zoo Paul Gregson View
16 A Day at the Zoo Paul Gregson View
17 A Dirty Old Man's Guide to Southeast Asia Anonymous View
18 A Fable Agreed Upon Wes Hight View
19 A FOOTNOTE re: Gareth Penn's "Creative Reading" Article Tod Wicks View
20 A Friend Fiona Wicks View
21 A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer Gene Ziegler View
22 A Harmless Drudgery Revived John Cumming View
23 A History Lesson Dave Kirby View
24 A Latterday Spiritual Joyce Hurwitz View
25 A Little Knowledge Can Hurt You Susan Packie View
26 A Longing Comes Upon Them Ray Tumbleson View
27 A Marathon Paul Moore View
28 A Matter of Degrees Paul W. Healy BA., B.S., MA., Ph.D. View
29 A Mensa Crossword Roger Starr View
30 A Mensa Poet's Lament Michael Stern View
31 A Modest Proposal For the Defense of Sol Kenneth Schulze View
32 A Modest Proposal: Buy Nature Richard Mullen View
33 A Nether World James Almblad View
34 A New Headquarters for WhipSIG? View
35 A New Theory of Organizations JoAnn Malina View
36 A Non-Electable Third Party Chester B. Smith View
37 A Note From a Resident of Megalong Valley Tod Wicks View
38 A Note on Newsalization View
39 A Peace Creep Neal Wilgus View
40 A Pome of Lendless Love Burt Schmitz View
41 A Proposal to End the Threat of Nuclear Armageddon Joseph P. Rankin View
42 A Public Service Announcement Katherine V. K. Schroeder View
43 A Quiet Weekend in the Country Paul Gregson View
44 A Quiet Weekend in the Country Paul Gregson View
45 A Rhetorical Question Margot Treitel View
46 A Sense of Loss Archimedes Pisces View
47 A Set of Eight More or Less Matching Bowls Margot Treitel View
48 A South African Adventure Herb Grosch View
49 A Stitch in the Bush Bill Harvey View
50 A Taste of Johnson View
51 A Telephone Installer In China Tod Wicks View
52 A Telephone Installer in China - II Tod Wicks View
53 A Telephone Installer in In China—III Tod Wicks View
54 A Titanic Disaster Charles Walton View
55 A True Story: Letter Accompanying A Renewal Check Bill Brantner View
56 A Uniform Date Standard Dave Pressman View
57 A Urgency at the Mines Burt Schmitz View
58 A Urgency at the Mines Burt Schmitz View
59 A Very Short Course in Western Philosophy Bits & Pieces (Humor) View
60 A Year Jim Katic View
61 Abaso Apples (A Doctor's Lament) 'Duardo de la Mancha View
62 Achievements Sheila E. Murphy View
63 Acronyms Bill Harvey View
64 Act Like a Dummy and They'll Treat You Like an Equal Barry Leff View
65 Advent Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
66 Advertisement Captured on the Xerox Circuit View
67 Afterburn Warren Fogard View
68 Airplane '86 Tod Wicks View
69 Alien Intelligence: It Takes One To Know One Polly Pitkin Ryan View
70 All Lanterns Are One Light Wes Hight View
71 Alternate Tax Form Daniel Kottke View
72 Amaroq Fiona Wicks View
73 Ambrose Bierce and the Hidden Double-Limericks Neal Wilgus View
74 American Pidgin View
75 Americanics: After Them the Deluge (if Not Already) Le Strobe View
76 Amplification: CD-ROM George Towner View
77 Amplification: CD ROM George Towner View
78 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) I E. E. Rehmus View
79 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) II E. E. Rehmus View
80 An Aeroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) III E. E . Rehmus View
81 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) IV E. E. Rehmus View
82 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) IX E. E. Rehmus View
83 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VI E. E.Rehmus View
84 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VII E.E. Rehmus View
85 An Aëroplane for Icarus (An Achronism) VIII E. E. Rehmus View
86 An Aëroplane for Icarus V E. E. Rehmus View
87 An Approach to Artificial Intelligence George Towner View
88 An Assignment in China Tod Wicks View
89 An Editor’s Grab Bag George Towner View
90 An English Trivialist John Cumming View
91 An International Incident George Towner View
92 An Island of Truth In a Sea of Error John Cumming View
93 An Observation on Discussion of Love Burt Schmitz View
94 An Open Letter to Andy Rooney Gareth Penn View
95 An Opinion on the Situation in Florida John Sorrentino View
96 An Outline of Philosophy C. Slezak View
97 An Underview of Overlings Meredy Amyx View
98 And His Name Shall Not Be Called Susan Packie View
99 And I Always Thought He Said... Archimedes Pisces View
100 And They Said It Couldn't Be Done 2 Archimedes Pisces View
101 Andrew Marvell 'Duardo de la Mancha View
102 Ann Hutchinson, Dissenter Margot Treitel View
103 Another Great Moment in Mensa Myra Johnson View
104 Another War Story David Cramer View
105 Answers To Last Month's Wordplay View
107 Anti-Prometheus in the Writings of Edward Abbey JoAnn Malina View
108 Apian Beeline Susan Packie View
109 Apple and IBM George Towner View
110 Apple and IBM George Towner View
111 Apple and IBM Redux George Towner View
112 Applicant Peter Desy View
113 Approaching Absolute Randomness Sharon Dario View
114 April M*E*N*S*A Calendar Ecphorizer Gang of Idiots View
115 Aroma du Poopoo Bill Harvey View
116 Arthur, Shmarthur Gareth Penn View
117 Artificial Intelligence Sharon Dario View
118 As If You Didn't Know! Russ Traunstein View
119 Aspidistra Discourse II Bob Holmes View
120 Assignment in Croydon Tod Wicks View
121 Aurochs Coprolite Albert Duro View
122 Austral Confusions and Other Travel Trivia David Durst View
123 Authorities Search for Escapists Neal Wilgus View
124 Automatic Rejection Slips George Towner View
125 Automobile Follies Tod Wicks View
126 Avoiding AIDS Andy Fish View
127 Back To School Paul W. Healy View
128 Bag Woman Sharon Dario View
129 Ballad of Unrequited Love Burt Schmitz View
130 Banks, and Other Asylums Bill Harvey View
131 Barren Haute Wadder (A Fay Retail) Burt Schmitz View
132 Bartlett's Restaurant Guide View
133 Baseball Hall of Name View
134 Be A Math Whiz Dave Kirby View
135 Beau Jestes of Middle Earth Albert Duro View
136 BEEP BEEP Bill Harvey View
137 Before the Beginning Susan Packie View
138 Beneath Notice John Welch View
139 Beware the Mail Rita Laws View
140 Biblical Archeology Today Dave Kirby View
141 BIG BIG Money Barry Leff View
142 Big Mike Bill Rowen View
144 Big Rig Driving Lesson JJ Tiger View
145 Billy-Doc & Ripov Albert Russo View
146 Biology... Margot Treitel View
147 Blast From the Past: Another Perspective Tod Wicks View
148 Blueberry Muffins Delia De Santis View
149 Blues Sonnet Russ Traunstein View
150 Boeru, Britu, and the Press George Towner View
151 Bone Cave Maureen Fogard View
152 BOO! Bill Harvey View
153 Boobeeboobeeboo Bill Harvey View
154 Book Review: The Unspeakable Experiment by Henry Thatcher reviewed by Bob Holmes View
155 Born Again Neal Wilgus View
156 Breach of Promise Gareth Penn View
157 Brewer's Yeast John Cumming View
158 Bring Back the Menstrual Hut JoAnn Malina View
159 Brown Backs Big Bucks Neal Wilgus View
160 Bumpersticker Bridge Goes Bananas Gareth Penn View
161 Bureaucratic Topology View
162 Business Manager's Notes Tod Wicks View
163 Business Manager's Notes Tod Wicks View
164 But January Has the Cruelest WEEK Jerry McCann View
165 But Me No BTUs Gareth Penn View
166 But you never said you loved me Philip Kienholz View
167 Buy American Archimedes Pisces View
168 Calendar of Events for the Month of Mensarary Susan Packie View
169 Call Girl Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
171 Capital "T," Capital "C" Wes Hight View
172 Carbohydrates and Summer George Towner View
173 Carcinogen Carl C. Partlow View
174 Cartoon Burt Schmitz View
175 Caryatids, Atlantes, and Telamones Paul W. Healy View
176 Castle of the Flies Chancellor Roberts View
177 Cat Jim Stanfield View
178 "Catbird Seat" Gareth Penn View
179 Ceci N'est Pas Une Cigare Hubert Hohn View
180 Cevat Emptor Gareth Penn View
181 Chairman of the Bug Bill Harris View
182 Charter Charivari Myra Johnson View
183 Chess in a Hurry John Cumming View
184 Chicken Chili for a Crowd Tod Wicks View
185 Choice Paul Healy View
186 Chorhomographs Ed Oram View
187 Circle of the Sun Don Clark View
188 Close Encounters of the Nth Kind Don Webb View
189 coconut grove Sheryl L. Nelms View
190 Comes Now the Plaintiff Jerry McCann View
191 Command Performance Norrin Lynn Foster View
192 Companion to The Hare Gareth Penn View
193 Computer Networking Tony Dowdem View
194 Computing by Committee Kenneth Balliet View
195 Computing by Committee Kenneth Balliet View
196 Confessions of a Dictionary Addict John Cumming View
197 Confessions of an Addict Joan Price View
198 Conscript Cory Brown View
199 Continence Sheryl L. Nelms View
200 Controversy (South Africa) View
201 Controversy (South Africa) II View
202 Cookin' James C. Holaday View
203 Cooper's Blooper Neal Wilgus View
204 Correction Gareth Penn View
205 Costello's Dictionary James A. Costello View
206 Count Your Blessings Jerry McCann View
207 Couple Sought for Holiday Violations Neal Wilgus View
208 Coursemarker Gimmick Rallyes: A Blast From the Past Cris Wendt View
209 Creative Journalism View
210 Creative Reading Gareth Penn View
211 Critique Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch View
212 Cruising the Baja Triangle Gareth Penn View
213 Cucumbers, Arise Myra Johnson View
214 Cymbals of Easter Russ Traunstein View
215 Cypress, Monterey Meredy Amyx View
216 Damn Those Dictionaries Paul Gregson View
217 De-Thorning the Holly-Days Martha Johnson View
218 Dear Abby, Please Copy Gareth Penn View
219 Death and Taxes Bits & Pieces (Humor) View
220 Deeper Into Hemp E. E. Rehmus View
221 Definition James Loverde View
222 Definitions Webster Overlooked Ken Uhland View
223 Definitions Webster Overlooked Myra Johnson View
224 Descant Richard S. Halada View
225 Descartes' Deification of Certainty Dale Adams View
226 Dialogue Deferred Gareth Penn View
227 Dick-doc Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
228 Dig? Susan Packie View
229 Digiterata Tony Dowden View
230 Dismembrance of Things Past View
231 Do You Remember Hearing That? Gary Harris View
232 Doc Burley's Phobia Paul Gregson View
233 Doc Burley's Phobia Paul Gregson View
234 Dooh Nibor View
235 Drawn Onward Josefa Heifetz View
236 Ducknity George Towner View
237 Ducks Polly Pitkin Ryan View
238 Easy Does It W. J. Walsh View
239 Ecce Homo Maureen Fogard View
240 Eclectic Pieces Loy Banks View
241 Ecphorizer Awards View
242 Ecphorizer College View
243 Ecphorizer Gathering Advertisement View
244 Ecphorizer Gathering Announcement View
245 Eden Revisited John Cumming View
246 Edit at Home in Your Spare Time George Towner View
247 Editor's Note George Towner View
248 Editor's Notes George Towner View
249 Editor's Notes View
250 Editor's Notes Issue 5 George Towner View
251 Editor's Notes - Issue 2 George Towner View
252 Editor's Notes - Issue 45 George Towner View
253 Editor's Notes iss 15 George Towner View
254 Editor's Notes Issue 16 George Towner View
255 Editor's Notes Issue 17 View
256 Editorial Announcement John Cumming View
257 Editorial Cartoon "Changing Editors" Burt Schmitz View
258 Editorial Issue #35 John Cumming View
259 Editorial Issue #36 John Cumming View
260 Editorial Issue #37 John Cumming View
261 Editorial Issue #38 Richard Amyx View
262 Editorial Issue #39 Richard Amyx View
263 Editorial Issue #40 Richard Amyx View
264 Editorial Issue #41 Richard Amyx View
265 Editorial Issue #43 Richard Amyx View
266 Editorial Issue #44 Richard Amyx View
267 Editors' Notes George Towner View
268 Elusive Bubbles Phyllis M. Bourne View
269 Endorphins Paul Gregson View
270 English Has No Future Tense Daunna Minnich View
271 English is hard contributed by Tod Wicks View
272 English Über Alles unknown View
273 English: An Expressive Language contributed by Per toft View
274 Epigrams and Epitaphs John Cumming View
275 Essex Dialect Dictionary John Cumming View
276 Et Tu Brad Anderson View
277 Eulogy for Earl Swope Mike Swope View
278 Even When You Arrived B. Z. Niditch View
279 EXPO 86: How To See It Paul W. Healy View
280 Face to Face Daunna Minnich View
281 Face-in-the-Pie Comedy Mel Smith View
282 Face-to-Face Daunna Minnich View
283 Fads Bill Harvey View
284 Fair is Fair Charles Colvin View
285 Fairy Tales Marilyn Ducati View
286 Fallout Joseph Raffa View
287 Fancy Mancies View
288 Farewell George Towner View
289 Farewell to the Gluepot George Towner View
290 Farewell to Willie Liz Barry View
291 Fate Is So Existential Keith W. Morrow View
292 Fear of Finances Kenneth Balliet View
293 Fellowship Sheila E. Murphy View
294 Filler Fuller View
295 Fillmore's Folly, By Golly Neal Wilgus View
296 Finger Holes To Go Bill Harvey View
297 "Firenze" Polly Pitkin Ryan View
298 First Day in Europe James Loverde View
300 Flea Fighting Follies Tod Wicks View
301 For a Hopi Woman John Welch View
302 For Those Who Injured Her Wes Hight View
303 Force of Racism Laura Dennison Vargas View
304 Four Winds of Change Dale R. Brown View
305 Frank's Story Frank Wicks View
306 Frankenstein Compact Neal Wilgus View
307 Fraudian Psychology Dale Adams View
308 French Sketches Polly Pitkin Ryan View
309 From Mother Goose to Ma Bell and Back Dave Kirby View
310 From My Treasury of Malaprops John Ehrman View
311 G*O*D Synthesized! Mark Worden View
312 Gadflies of the World, Unite! Ray D. Tusk View
313 Gale Warning Warren Fogard View
314 Gas War Bill Harvey View
315 General Instructions Willie Lynch & Bill Jonesi View
316 George the Bridegroom Daunna Minnich View
317 Get The Letter Back J. R. Donnelly View
318 Getting Away From It All Susan Packie View
319 Giant Lizards Control the West James C. Holaday View
320 Gifting Daunna Minnich View
321 God Jerry Bryson View
322 Gone With The 25¢ Potroast Gareth Penn View
323 Gory Hallelujah Burt Schmitz View
324 Graffito Martha Johnson View
325 Great Expectations Doug Chang View
326 Green Grow the Gringos submitted by Carolyn Simon View
327 Grizzledipstick Bill Harvey View
328 Growing Up in a Gillig Tod Wicks View
329 Growths Charles Sullivan View
330 Guilt by Association? Michael Forbush View
331 Haibun 228 Sheila E. Murphy View
332 Hail Halley Neal Wilgus View
333 Haptic Sexism Edgar de Santos View
334 Hard-Assed Bargaining Mike Snyder View
335 Hardy Harding, Har-Har Neal Wilgus View
336 Harry J. Anslinger Ed Rehmus View
337 Have You Been Traveling Too Long? Martha Johnson View
338 Having a Look-See Joan Tobin View
339 He and She Allen J. Pettit View
340 Headway Warren Fogard View
341 Hedges Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
342 Hide and Seek Gareth Penn View
343 High Reality Cory Brown View
344 High Tide, Half Moon Bay John Welch View
345 High-Brow, Low-Brow - A Reminiscence George Towner View
346 Hispanics Wes Hight View
347 History and Evolution of the Coursemaker Gimmick Rallye Bob Schott View
348 History as Just Another Bad Dream Albert Russo View
349 Ho Hum Marilyn Ducati View
350 Hokus Pokey View
351 Hot Air Ballooning Sheryl L. Nelms View
352 House Rules Belletrina of Hanes View
353 How Do They Spell Relief In Austerlitz? Gareth Penn View
354 How Do You Pronounce 'WWW'? Tod Wicks View
355 How I Met Madeleine Paul Gregson View
356 "How" Knowledge Is All There Is Dale Adams View
357 How to Protect Your Rights in a Hospital Dorothy M. Gaev, Ph.D. View
358 How We Play Post Office View
359 Humor for Whom? Myra Johnson View
360 Hungry Love Donald Altschul View
361 Hunt the Hunters Neal Wilgus View
362 I Cogitate About Existence, Splendidly Prosewriter.2 View
363 I Do Bill Harvey View
364 I Feel the Dark Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. View
365 I Gotta Have That! Bill Harvey View
366 I Met This Absolute Doll the Other Night Darrell Bross View
367 I Scream, You Scream Bill Harvey View
368 I swear...but by what book? Barry Leff View
369 I'd Rather Have a V-8 Don Gerber View
370 Idiom's Delight Jerry McCann View
371 iDrop Andreas Fish View
372 If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich? Ed Van Vleck View
373 If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You In North Dakota? Gareth Penn View
374 Ignorance in Progress Brian Coyne View
375 Impressin' the Girls Allen J. Pettit View
376 In America... CITO View
377 In Defense of Mediocrity Carl Mianecke View
378 In France on Liberation Day George Towner View
379 In Memory of William Goyen: Poet Wes Hight View
380 In Search of Yuk-Yuk Neil Renton View
381 In The Pursuit of Knowledge Lupus Canis View
382 Incline Village Unit 6 Gareth Penn View
383 Indian Market Place (Ghazals) Phyllis Bourne View
384 Individual Retirement Accounts-Fooled Again! John DeRose View
385 Inflation S. Robert Tunick View
386 Inside Joke Susan Packie View
387 Insomnia John Welch View
388 Invasion of the Friendly Aliens Tony Steele View
389 Invisible Man Disappears Neal Wilgus View
390 Invisible Man Disappears Neal Wilgus View
391 Is Not Unlike Thoughts J. R. Donnelly View
392 Is There an Afterlife? Ross A. Sheldon View
393 It Is Practical To Care Charles Walton View
394 It's All in Your Mind Neal Wilgus View
395 It's In The Bag! Myra Johnson View
396 It's just Common Sense Jerry McCann View
397 It's Later Than You Think: A Few Remarks on Ageism Polly Pitkin Ryan View
398 It's True—You Can't Go Back Norman Finson View
399 Jack Brown Does It Again! Neal Wilgus View
400 Jack Brown Endorses Normalcy Neal Wilgus View
401 Japan Joins the Industrialized World Barry Leff View
402 Javot Dreams Warren Fogard View
403 Jesse's Demise Norrin Lynn Foster View
404 Jewish Son's Spirit Dale Adams View
405 Jewish-Greek Spirit Dale Adams View
406 Jim's Market Analysis James C. Holaday View
407 Just a Thought Gary J. Bandur View
408 Justice in the Modern Christian State Bill Rowan View
409 Juxta-Jackpot Neal Wilgus View
410 Keep Off the Grass Neal Wilgus View
411 Keeping Up Appearances Margot Treitel View
412 Kringle To Be Audited Neal Wilgus View
413 Kringle To Be Audited Neal Wilgus View
414 Kudzu in Oz Neal Wilgus View
415 Laredo Lady Allen J. Pettit View
416 Las Vacaciones Susan Packie View
417 Late Parenting George Towner View
418 Le Coin d'Archimède 1 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski View
419 Le Coin d'Archimède 2 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski View
420 Le Coin d'Archimède 3 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski View
421 Le Coin d'Archimède 4 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski View
422 Le Coin d'Archimède 5 Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski View
423 Leave it to Sedgwick George Towner View
424 Lesser Languages from The Copier Circuit View
425 Let Me Count The Ways Bits & Pieces (Humor) View
426 Let's Not Sing the Old Songs Warren Fogard View
427 Let's Quash QWERTY Dave Pressman View
428 Letter From Mburg 1 Warren Fogard View
429 Letter From Mburg 2 Warren Fogard View
430 Letter From Mburg 3 Warren Fogard View
431 Letter From Mburg 4 Warren Fogard View
432 Letter From Mburg 5 Warren Fogard View
433 Letter From Mburg 6 Warren Fogard View
434 Letter from Suriname Katherine Mitchell View
435 Letter From Suriname II Katherine Mitchell View
436 Letter From Suriname III Katharine Mitchell View
437 Letter From Suriname IV Katharine Mitchell View
438 Letter from Suriname V Katharine Mitchell View
439 Letter From Suriname VI Katharine Mitchell View
440 Letter from Suriname VII Katharine Mitchell View
441 Letter from Tehran Daunna Minnich View
442 Letter to a Little Girl John Welch View
443 Letter to the Editor View
444 Letters our readers View
445 Letters View
446 Letters View
447 Letters View
448 Letters View
449 Letters View
450 Letters View
451 Letters View
452 Letters View
453 Letters View
454 Letters View
455 Letters View
456 Letters Letters View
457 Letters View
458 Letters View
459 Letters View
460 Letters View
461 Letters View
462 Letters View
463 Letters View
464 Letters View
465 Letters View
466 Letters View
467 Letters View
468 Letters View
469 Letters   View
470 Letters Issue 8 View
471 Letters - Issue 02 View
472 Letters - Issue 05 Letters View
473 Letters - Issue 16 View
476 Letters - Issue 19 View
477 Letters - Issue 20 View
478 Letters - Issue 21 View
479 Letters - Issue 24 View
480 Letters - Issue 28 View
481 Letters - Issue 30 View
482 Letters - Issue 40 View
483 Letters - Issue 41 View
484 Letters - Issue 42 View
485 Letters - Issue 43 View
486 Letters - Issue 45 View
487 Letters - Issue 47 View
488 Letters - Issue 48 View
489 Letters Issue 1 Letters View
490 Letters Issue 68 View
491 Letting Ourselves Be Us Kenneth Balliet View
492 Life and Death and American Television Brian J. Smith View
493 Life with my Great Aunt Paul W. Healy View
494 "Light" at the End Dale Adams View
495 Lima Riki Gareth penn View
496 Limerick to the Perfect Poet Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
497 Linda's Parisian Burgers Tod Wicks View
498 Lines of Excommunication Neal Wilgus View
499 Living and Dying James C. Holaday View
500 Living and Dying James C. Holaday View
501 Living with Crouzon's Syndrome Arne Gustafsson View
502 Long Live the Hills The Hills Are Gone Philip Hughes View
503 Looking Up View
504 Loose Chippings View
505 Love Letter to Willie Liz Barry View
506 Low Tide Line William James Griffin View
507 Ma Bell, You've Rung Me Wrong Diane Reynolds Miller View
508 Macintoshy Andrew Fish View
509 Making an Impression Ellen Thomsen View
510 Man Bites TV Neal Wilgus View
511 Mariah Philip Hughes View
512 Mark Baker Christopher Burdett View
513 Marriage Reform Peter Barna View
514 Masks Maggie Jack Sinram View
515 Maverick Redefinition Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
516 May Those Who Smile At Us Victoria Garton View
517 Meihem In Ce Klasrum Dolton Edwards View
518 Memories of an American Savoyard Paul W. Healy View
519 Mensa Fantasy Neal Wilgus View
520 Mensa Fortune Cookies Bob Holmes View
521 Mensa News From All Over Ambrose Fish View
522 Mensa Politics Barry Leff View
523 Mensa Qualifying Examination contributed by Jorel Stallones View
524 Mensa Rosterology Ken Uhland View
525 Mensa Rosterology II Ken Uhland View
526 Mensa Rosterology III Ken Uhland View
527 Mensa SIG News The Ecphorizer Gang of Idiots View
528 Messageries Maritimes George Towner View
529 Metrication Update Perr Cardestam View
530 Mike West Gareth Penn View
531 Mindprints and Wealth Polly Pitkin Ryan View
532 Miscellaneous Epitaphs View
533 Mister Molloy on the Morning of His Execution Warren Fogard View
534 Mobilizing to Halt the Continuation of Dumb Stuff Lisa Barrigan Basker View
535 Mode de Commode and Toilet Taboos Larry J. Dawson View
536 More "I xxx-ed Its" Louis Yates View
537 More Definitions Webster Overlooked Bits & Pieces (Humor) View
538 More Epigrams and Epitaphs John Cumming View
539 More From Mullah Nasruddin Cheryl Leff View
540 More From My Treasury of Malaprops John Ehrman View
541 More I-????-Its Gareth Penn View
542 More Magic at Goose Pond (correction) Gareth Penn View
543 More Monarchial Doggerel Dick Ahrens View
544 More Musings by the Ecphoric Philosopher Tom Horti View
545 Morning in Jerusalem Barry Leff View
546 Mother's Day Larry Bernard View
547 Movie Review: Tarzan and the Lost Gold Mine Burt Schmitz View
548 Movie Review: Reds JoAnn Malina View
549 Mullah Nasruddin Cheryl Leff View
550 Murder at the EG complied by the Staff View
551 Murder at the EG (Solution) compiled by the Staff View
552 Murder in the Mensa Mansion Anderson Fish View
553 Musings of an Ecphoric Philosopher Tom Horti View
554 My Father's Wings Kevin Boon View
555 My Garden James C. Holaday View
556 My Heaven W. J. Walsh View
557 My Rosetta Stone Gareth Penn View
558 Mysteries About Atoms Prosewriter.1 View
559 Nasal Appraisal Christopher Burdett View
560 National Frontiers George Towner View
561 Nay to Hay Olivia Anderson View
562 New Corporate Travel Rules Tod Wicks View
563 New Sect of Economics Announced Barry Leff View
564 New Software Announcement Frank Klotz View
565 New Travel Policy contributed by Tod Wicks View
566 New Wood Stove View
567 Nick, Nick, Nick that Nicotine Bill Harvey View
568 Nigerian Notebook George Towner View
569 Night Owl Bill Harvey View
570 Night Searchers Allen J. Pettit View
571 No Air Ray Tumbleson View
572 "No Style" Marilyn Ducati View
573 Nostalgia Phyllis Bourne View
574 Not a Letter to the Editor Tod Wicks View
575 Not Funny At All! Susan Packie View
576 Not With a Bang, With a Whimper Thomas G. Horti View
577 Notes from the Business Manager Tod Wicks View
578 Notes of a Magaziner Paul Healy View
579 Notes of a Magaziner II Paul W. Healy View
580 Notes of a Magaziner III Paul W. Healy View
581 Notes of a Magaziner IV Paul W. Healy View
582 Notes of a Magaziner IX Paul W. Healy View
583 Notes of a Magaziner V Paul W. Healy View
584 Notes of a Magaziner VI Paul W. Healy View
585 Notes of a Magaziner VII Paul W. Healy View
586 Notes of a Magaziner VIII Paul W. Healy View
587 Notes of a Magaziner X Paul W. Healy View
588 Notes of a Magaziner XI Paul W. Healy View
589 Notes of a Magaziner XII Paul W. Healy View
590 Notes of a Magaziner XIII Paul W. Healy View
591 Notes of a Magaziner XIV Paul W. Healy View
592 Notes on Gun Control Don Gerber View
593 Notes on the San Francisco Film Festival Paul Healy View
594 Noveltymongering George Towner View
595 November Cover Contest View
596 Nugatory Contrivances (and other odd devices) Paul W. Healy View
597 Numbers Games Tod Wicks View
598 Nuts and Bolts Wes Hight View
599 O Tempi O Mores Gareth Penn View
600 Ode to the Dietic Vegetarian Tom Horti View
601 Oh, Sweet Love Rita H. Palmer View
602 Oil, Sweat, and Tears Neal Wilgus View
603 Old Man Simpson Larry E. Smith View
604 Olivia's Woes Olivia Anderson View
605 omnispective Sheryl L. Nelms View
606 On Being a Mentor to a New Truck Driver JJ Tiger View
607 On Deathstars, Cosmic Dust, and Moonstones Paul W. Healy View
608 On Duality Jim Stanfield View
609 On H.R.H. Frederick, Prince of Wales, died March 20,  1751: View
610 On Leaving Teaching John J. Soldo View
611 On Resigning Janne Jalkanen View
612 On Rising Early in the City Polly Pitkin Ryan View
613 On Rising Early in the City Polly Pitkin Ryan View
614 On The Birth Of My Son Su Tung P'O (1036-1101) View
615 On The Jury Jack Waananen View
616 On the Simple Pleasures of the Poor Warren Fogard View
617 On the Threshold of Buying a Hayes Modem Sheila E. Murphy View
618 Once Upon A Time In The Garden of Eden Burt Schmitz View
619 One Dael Prichard View
620 One Word is Worth Ten Thousand Pictures Jerry McCann View
621 One Zero Zero Gareth Penn View
622 OPEC, Meet COWPEC Bits & Pieces (Humor) View
623 Opera Review: Kovantschina Joy Robb View
624 Other People's Mail View
625 Other People's Mail View
626 Other People's Mail View
627 Our Changing Language Robin Winburn View
628 Our Colorful Language Philip Hughes View
629 Our Immune System Roy Shaw View
630 Our Own Wine Column George Towner View
631 Our Trip Wallace Rhea View
632 Paint It Yellow Gareth Penn View
633 Paleozoic Gastropods Sheryl L. Nelms View
634 Palindromes Albert Duro View
635 Palko's Payable Piss-Test Proposal Paul J. Palko View
636 Pant Pant Pant Bill Harvey View
637 Paradise Lost Paul Gregson View
638 Paradise Lost Paul Gregson View
639 Parapsychology 1A Burt Schmitz View
640 Parking One Time? Tod Wicks View
642 Peabody's Appraisal Christopher Burdett View
643 Personalities Up Against The Wall contributed by Doug Chang View
644 Pet Sematary: New Growth for Stephen King Meredy Amyx View
645 Philosophy Final Donald Altschul View
646 Phone on the Range Richard S. Halada View
647 Pidgin Lesson View
648 Pirates and Politics Gareth Penn View
649 Platform Revelation Brian J. Groth View
650 Pleasingly Plump Bill Harvey View
651 Pleasure and Estate View
652 Plugs Leaked Neal Wilgus View
653 Poem Joyce Hurwitz View
654 Poem Andrea Fish View
655 Poetic Justice Ed Orr View
656 Poland, 1923 Margot Treitel View
657 Poor Richard's Almanac R(ichard) Bradner Mead View
658 Poor Richard's Almanac R(ichard) Bradner Mead View
659 Poor Richard's Almanac XV R(ichard) Bradner Mead View
660 Poor Richard's Almanac XVI R(ichard) Bradner Mead View
661 Poor Richard's Almanac XVII R(ichard Bradner Mead View
662 Porphyry & Pomegranates E. E. Rehmus View
663 Post Office Roulette View
664 Prayer du Jour Lisa Barrigan Basker View
665 Precog-nation Neal Wilgus View
666 Predators & Systems - two Poems Dwight E. Humphries View
667 Prelude Maureen Fogard View
668 Prodigies of Evil Gareth Penn View
669 Prognosis Negative Ed Rehmus View
670 Prolegomena to a Pet-Guide Gareth Penn View
671 Prosthetic Arms in the Movies Tod Wicks View
672 Punishment or Reward? JJ Tiger View
673 Pythagoras Was Right! Gareth Penn View
674 Quack Quackity Quack Quack Bill Harvey View
675 Questions Sheila Murphy View
676 Quiet Change Mark Newman View
677 Quiet Reflections Gary Harris View
678 Ramadan Dinner George Towner View
679 Randomness and Artificial Intelligence George Towner View
680 Rapping With an E.T. David Koblick View
681 Rat's Maze Margot Treitel View
682 Ravenbit Tony Dowden View
683 Real Mensans Don't Psittacate JoAnn Malina View
684 Real Programmers Martha Johnson View
685 Reality Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
686 Recollections of an Epicure Paul Gregson View
687 Recollections of an Epicure Paul Gregson View
688 Reflections in a Dubious Eye #5 Polly Pitkin Ryan View
689 Reflections of an Immigrant Paul Gregson View
690 Remembering Ayn Rand Sandra Mendoza View
691 Remembering Ron Belligio Tod Wicks View
692 Reply to February's Loverde Joan Tobin View
693 Retraction View
694 Retraction of the Retraction The Editor View
695 Review, Book: MIL-M-38784A George Towner View
696 Review: Davita's Harp Dale Adams View
697 Review: Facing the Gods, James Hillman, Ed JoAnn Malina View
698 Review: Victor Serebriakoff's MENSA Paul Gregson View
699 Revocation of Independence anonymous View
700 Rhubarb Pies Lionel de Maine View
701 Rock Frederick Raborg, Jr. View
702 Ron Meets St. Peter Richard Mullen View
703 Roots & Ripov Albert Russo View
704 Rose the Bug Rhiannon Hemsted View
705 Route Instructions Willie Lynch & Bill Jonesi View
706 Safety Lessons JJ Tiger View
707 Safety Net Saves Jane Eyre Joan Tobin View
708 Sassy Notes Diane Reynolds View
709 Scene Restaurant: By Neonlight Wes Hight View
710 Schadenfreude Philip Hughes View
711 Science Fiction and Mysticism JoAnn Malina View
712 Science is "How"? or "What"? it Is Dale Adams View
713 "Scientific" Creationism: Old Time Religion? Paul Healy View
714 Scoresheet Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch View
715 Sculptor at Muir Beach Margot Treitel View
716 Seagull Song Gareth Penn View
717 Seated One Day At The Organ Paul Gregson View
718 Seated One Day at the Organ Paul Gregson View
719 Selling Information George Towner View
720 Semantics & Ripov Albert Russo View
721 September 21, 1990 View
722 Sermon No. P=P+1 (IF P=502 THEN 86) Ed Rehmus View
723 Seven Heavens Ed Rehmus View
724 Seven Pillars of Stupidity Gareth Penn View
725 Sex, Violence, and Money Agatha Christie View
726 Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Fish, Ph. D. View
727 Sexy Worm Story Polly Pitkin Ryan View
728 Sherlockian Scholarship George Towner View
729 Sherlockian Scholarship George Towner View
731 Showdown at Mensa Gulch Andy Fish View
732 Shreds Joan Price View
733 Silence Doug Chang View
734 Silicon Valley Fever: A Review Barry Leff View
735 Simion Gene Ziegler View
736 Simion Gene Ziegler View
737 Sisterhood Sheryl L. Nelms View
738 Slang and Euphemism John Cumming View
739 Slaying the Ayequeue Sir Walter Fish View
740 Sluice Box Elmo Bird View
741 Smart People Lisa Yount View
742 Snow on the Roofs Delia De Santis View
743 Sociable Intercourse JoAnn Malina View
744 Software Review: SAD/PL Dave Smith View
745 Some Reflections on Insomnia Marshall Myers View
746 Some Word Counts View
747 Son of Tartan Burt Schmitz View
748 Song Terry T. Tilford View
749 Soon, When December Is (For Julie) Wes Hight View
750 Sorry, Charley ...Charley? Gareth Penn View
751 Sorry, Wrong Genus View
752 South Africa Reza Hakimzadeh View
753 Sparks; Respighi, Ottorino Tod Wicks View
754 Speak to Me Bill Harvey View
755 Speling Riform - Thc Taim iz Raip David Koblick View
756 St. Valentine's Day Neil Renton ,Jr. View
757 Star Trek IV's "World-View" Dale Adams View
758 Star Trek Returns to TV Ken Uhland View
759 Stories I May Never Write Meredy Amyx View
760 Story of a Wedding George Towner View
761 Strange Bedfellows Susan Packie View
762 Strine Dyvid Durst View
763 Sudan Diary Martha Johnson View
764 Sudan Update Martha Johnson View
765 Summon Allen Swoh View
766 Summon Allen Swoh View
767 Sunday Drive Mark R. MacHogan View
768 Sunday Movie Burt Schmitz View
769 Sunrise/Sunset Doug Chang View
770 Supp/SI Page Bill Jonesi & Willie Lynch View
771 Sweet Idleness Warren Fogard View
772 Symbols & Ripov Albert Russo View
773 Sympathetic Magic at Goose Pond Gareth Penn View
774 Syzygy Hillary Bartholomew View
775 Tag, Rag, and Bobtail John Cumming View
776 Take Heart -- A Messiah Cometh Lisa Barrigan Basker View
777 Take the Mark Chancellor Roberts View
778 Te Moriarty Salutamus Gareth Penn View
779 Technoverse View
780 Teenage Memories Paul Gregson View
781 Ten-Speed Fever Bill Harvey View
782 Tennis, Anyone? Ed Rehmus View
783 Terrell Owens vs. The Media Susan Holtzer View
784 Terrorism Charles Walton View
785 Testy? Susan Packie View
786 "Thanks, Rocky!" Marshall Myers View
787 That Girl in Tijuana ted kelly View
788 That's Show Biz Norman Finson View
789 Thauma-Physics Brian Litzenberger View
790 The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue John Cumming View
791 The 35-Year Theory George Towner View
792 The Adventure of the Mensa Society Sir Arthur Conan Fish View
793 The Age of Illiteracy George Towner View
794 The Agent: A Moral Tale Warren Fogard View
795 The Agony of Africa George Towner View
796 The Astronomer, for Harry Lisa Yount View
797 The Basic Structure Underlying All of Existence T. S. Child View
798 The Basics of Double Entry Bookkeeping Tod Wicks View
799 The Beginner's Guide to Texas Eating Mark Kres View
800 The "Best Interests" of the United States Charles Walton View
801 The Big Rura Ru Christian Morgenstern View
802 The Book Collector's Fact Book John Cumming View
803 The Call of the Wild Gareth Penn View
804 The Canopy of Love Wilson Reid Ogg View
805 The Cardboard Table Cheryl Diane Westbrook View
806 The Case of the Pious Pelican George Towner View
807 The Censor's Art Burt Schmitz View
808 The Checks People Write Tod Wicks View
809 The China Report - Part I Cris Wendt View
810 The China Report - Part II Cris Wendt View
811 The Choice Paul Healy View
812 The Clan of the Hot Tub George Towner View
813 The Conspiracy Susan Packie View
814 The Counter-Culture Barry Leff View
815 The Cream of Christ Ed Rehmus View
816 The Crust and the Croissant Gareth Penn View
817 The Curiosity SIG Mark R. MacHogan View
818 The Damnation of Herman McSnide Tom Horti View
819 The Dangling Armadillo Charlotte Bramblett View
820 The Day my QualComm Crashed JJ Tiger View
821 The Death of KFAT Barry Leff View
822 The Dictionary of American Slang John Cumming View
823 The Disorient Express Neal Wilgus View
824 The Divided Self Laurie Breier View
825 The Ecphorizer Awards — 1986 View
826 The Ecphorizer Review Tod Wicks & The Staff View
827 The Ecphorizer Review - Part II The Staff View
828 The Ecphorizers Reveal'd View
829 The Electronic Desk George Towner View
830 The Electronic Dog John Cumming View
831 The End Flap George Towner View
832 The End Flap Issue 02 [Selling Information] George Towner View
833 The End Flap [The Power of Words] George Towner View
834 The Escalator Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
835 The Evil Empire Buckley Fish View
836 The Exxon-Vatican Merger Barry Leff View
837 The Fat Farm Mark R. MacHogan View
838 The Fickle Ways of Fame John Cumming View
839 The Final Hero Myth Polly Pitkin Ryan View
840 The First Kill Allen J. Pettit View
841 The First Mensa Group View
842 "...The First Stone" Allen J. Pettit View
843 The Fish Warren Fogard View
844 The Free Misquoteers Gareth Penn View
845 The Full Treatment Paul Gregson View
846 The Full Treatment Paul Gregson View
847 The Future of Computers Bruce Rowe View
848 The Gathering Albert Duro View
849 The Geometry of Jane Brewster Gareth Penn View
850 The Good Old Days (1975) —Gone Forever Dale Adams View
851 The Great Credit Card Bust David Durst View
852 The Green Machine Archimedes Pisces View
853 The Guns of May Jerry McCann View
854 The Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage John Cumming View
855 The Hazards of Duke Gareth Penn View
856 The Healthiest of the Lot Susan Packie View
857 The High Fie Gareth Penn View
858 The Impossible Dream Wayne Silka View
859 The Incredible Shrinking Dollar David Koblick View
860 The Invisible Fluid Gareth Penn View
861 The Ivytown Railroad Gareth Penn View
862 The Kiss of Death Susan Packie View
863 The Lady Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
864 The Land of Sandra Dee submitted by Jan Williams View
865 The Last Con Gareth Penn View
866 The Latest on Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Nother, Ph.D, View
867 The Library Allen J. Pettit View
868 The Lions and the Fire Joseph Antonitis View
869 The Lunatic Fringe Susan Packie View
870 The Lure of Peridromophily View
871 The Machine Seeks Nirvana For Its Artist Hubert Hohn View
872 The Madman Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
873 The Man From SATIRE Michael Stern View
874 The Meassure of Happiness Aphrodite Fish, A.B., M.L.S. View
875 The Memory Revolution George Towner View
876 The Mensabuck Economy Barry Leff View
877 The Mensan Who Came In From The RG George Towner View
878 The Mind/Body Problem Margot Treitel View
879 The Miracle of Pennsylvania Avenue Ed Rehmus View
880 The Mismeasure of Mensa 1 Lottie Fish-Bate View
881 The Mismeasure of Mensa 10 Lottie Fish-Bate View
882 The Mismeasure of Mensa 11 Lottie Fish-Bate View
883 The Mismeasure of Mensa 12 Lottie Fish-Bate View
884 The Mismeasure of Mensa 2 Lottie Fish-Bate View
885 The Mismeasure of Mensa 3 Lottie Fish-Bate View
886 The Mismeasure of Mensa 4 Lottie Fish-Bate View
887 The Mismeasure of Mensa 5 Lottie Fish-Bate View
888 The Mismeasure of Mensa 6 Lottie Fish-Bate View
889 The Mismeasure of Mensa 7 Lottie Fish-Bate View
890 The Mismeasure of Mensa 8 Lottie Fish-Bate View
891 The Mismeasure of Mensa 9 Lottie Fish-Bate View
892 The Mouths of Babes Gareth Penn View
893 The Mystery of Love Wilson Reid Ogg View
894 The Naked Doctor Test Ed Van Vleck View
895 The National Debt Charles Walton View
896 The Natural Science Of Stupidity John Cumming View
897 The Nature of Translation Ed Rehmus View
898 The Neighbor's Possum Kill Marshall Myers View
899 The New Obscenity Miriam Eldridge View
900 The New World Paul Gregson View
901 The New World Paul Gregson View
902 The Ninth Astronaut Susan Packie View
903 The Nosoboom Gareth Penn View
904 The Novel of Manners Margot Treitel View
905 The Nurse-Dispersal Button System Robert T. Casey View
906 The Observatory Tod Wicks View
907 The Observatory Tod Wicks View
908 The Observatory Issue 8 Tod Wicks View
909 The Old Shamaness Lisa Yount View
910 The Once and Future Killing Gareth Penn View
911 The Outer Beast Dale Adams View
912 The Overdue Farewell Rita Laws View
913 The Perils of Life in a Construction Camp Paul Gregson View
914 The Pond of Kabbalah Gareth Penn View
915 The Power of Words George Towner View
916 The Price Equation J. B. O'Donnell View
917 The Price is Right Myra Johnson View
918 The Price of Valor Gareth Penn View
919 The Pride James Doyle View
920 The Princess and the Dragon K. V. K. Schroeder View
921 The Psycho-Chemistry of Sexual Decay in H. Sapiens A. Nother, Ph.D. View
922 The Putaways Allen J. Pettit View
923 The Quest Susan Packie View
924 The Rat in the Python George Towner View
925 The Red King's Dream Gareth Penn View
926 The Reverse Dictionary Is a Dangerous Book John Cumming View
927 The Risk Free Self Sheila E. Murphy View
928 The Risks of Homebirth Rita Laws View
929 The Role of High Tech in Undermining Democracy Tim Donovan Jr. View
930 The San Francisco Film Festival, 1885 Review of Films Paul W. Healy View
931 The San Francisco International Film Festival Paul W. Healy View
932 The Sandstone Footprints Paul W. Healy View
933 The Savage Breast Gareth Penn View
934 The Secret of the Universe R. T. Casey View
935 The SF Film Festival Award Winners Paul W. Healy View
936 The Shadow Knows Polly Pitkin Ryan View
937 The Shopping Cart Mike Snyder View
938 The Something-From-Nothing World Ed Rehmus View
939 The Stereotype Blues Barbara Jeanne Caravello View
940 The Story of an Infection Ambrose Fish View
941 The Stress Diet Captured on the Xerox Circuit by Carolyn Simon View
942 The Symbolism of Horns Lisa Barrigan Basker View
943 The Tobacco Connection Gareth Penn View
944 The Trivialization of Armageddon George Towner View
945 The Truth About Word War III Tim Donovan Jr. View
946 The Twelve-Shooter Allen J. Pettit View
947 The Ultimate in Taxi Decoration Barry Leff View
948 The Uprising Susan Packie View
949 The Uses of Troy Gareth Penn View
950 The Visitor Paul Healy View
951 The Visitor From Antarctica Paul W. Healy View
952 The Vocabulary Gradient Test Ed van Vleck View
953 The Void Michael Forbush View
954 The Vulture of the Chasm Romulus Sahasra View
955 The Wanderer and the Fool Neal Wilgus View
956 The "Whither Computers" Game George Towner View
957 The "Whither Computers" Game George Towner View
958 The Wide Tyre, Tattoo'd Maniac G. Davies-Smith View
959 The Wimp Credo Robert Anway Willis View
960 The Winds Begin to Rise Gary Harris View
961 The Wolf in Sheepskinland Philip Hughes View
962 The Words and the Bees Jonathan Penner View
963 The World's Lengthiest Joke George Towner View
964 The World's Most Expensive Vocabulary John Cumming View
965 The X-for-Izer Al-for-Bet Claire Taylor View
966 The Zambia Cannonball George Towner View
967 Then & Now Xerox Circuit View
968 Theory "Lazy Z" Richard S. Halada View
969 There is No Canal on Guadalcanal (or is there?) Tod Wicks View
970 There's No Book Like the Phone Book Barry Leff View
971 There's Nothing to Tell Ray Tumbleson View
972 they call it Dust Devil Sheryl L. Nelms View
973 They Had it Coming Neal Wilgus View
974 Things Softly Seasoned Kenneth Balliet View
975 Things That Go Bump In The Night Polly Pitkin Ryan View
976 Thirty-Eight Gareth Penn View
977 This Moment & One for All - two poems Sheryl L. Nelms View
978 Thoughts on a Philosophy Course Ruth G. Gates View
979 Three Limericks Bill Rowan View
980 Three Limericks Neal Wilgus View
981 Three Little Dictionaries John Cumming View
982 Ticket to Success Susan Packie View
983 Tit For Tat Susan Packie View
984 to Hatun Raymi Sheryl L. Nelms View
985 To Her Whom I'd Like to Know Infinitely Better Robert A. Willis View
986 To Knots Cory Brown View
987 To Stifle a Sneeze Jim Stanfield View
988 To Swim Alan Swoh View
989 To the Muse Arthur Madson View
990 Toads Have a Blast Susan Packie View
991 Today Sheila E. Murphy View
992 Togetherness James Katic View
993 Tok Pisin David Durst View
994 Tommie Moves In Tod Wicks View
995 Topsy Turvy Warren Fogard View
996 Toward a New Metrology View
997 Traffic Patterns Myra Johnson View
998 Trans-Mongolia Expressed Erland Jensen and Forrest Lee View
999 Trapped in the Mummy's Tomb George Towner View
1000 Trapped in the Mummy’s Tomb George Towner View
1001 Traveling to Israel Cris Wendt View
1002 Traveling to Israel - Part II Cris Wendt View
1003 Tripping Africa George Towner View
1004 Trolloid Sightings Are Up Neal Wilgus View
1005 Trucking the Sahara George Towner View
1006 True Vision Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
1007 Truth Michael Harling View
1008 Two Cosmologies Ed Rehmus View
1009 Two Great Moments in Mensa Myra Johnson View
1010 Two Haikus Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
1011 Two Limericks Fiona Wicks View
1012 Two Strangers Phyllis Bourne View
1013 Two Types of Flying Barry Leff View
1014 Two Women Ray Tumbleson View
1015 Ufological Hymn andy fish View
1016 Ultima Thule Wes Hight View
1017 Uncle Hobart's Annual Basic Hygiene Lecture to the Children Warren Fogard View
1018 unholy emanation D. Castleman View
1019 Universal Drip Dry Cory Brown View
1020 Unofficial Laws Philip Hughes View
1021 Unraveling the Inexplicable Statement L. Allinikov View
1022 Untitled Drawing Corinne Hintze View
1023 Up an' at 'em! Bill Harvey View
1024 Update to Home Banking Article Tod Wicks View
1025 Updated Proverbs Audrey Austin View
1026 Upon a Midnight Dreary Mark Chaet View
1027 Urban Fairplay Bennett Woll View
1028 Urban Stereotyping Archie Fish, Ph.D View
1029 U.S.A. Annexes Canada Susan Packie View
1030 Useful Middle Eastern Phrases Captured on the Xerox Circuit View
1031 Vatican Roulette Paul Gregson View
1032 Vatican Roulette Elmo Fish View
1033 Vegetable Olivia Anderson View
1034 Vintage Kimberlaken Lewis Burke Frumkes View
1035 Walker's Dictionary John Cumming View
1036 Wanted: $4.5 Billion George Towner View
1037 War in the Skies Susan Packie View
1038 War Story David Cramer View
1039 Warm Memories Warren Fogard View
1040 Watch Out for Awful Truths in Poetry! Wes Hight View
1041 We'll Ever Go A-Roving Malcolm Scott Mac Kenzie View
1042 Weasel Award of the Day JJ Tiger View
1043 What am I Bid? JoAnn Malina View
1044 What Do They Know? Gareth Penn View
1045 What Do You Say To a Naked Robot? JoAnn Malina View
1046 What If We Are What We Eat? Polly Pitkin Ryan View
1047 What is Worth Knowing JoAnn Malina View
1048 What the Humane Society Won't Tell You Mason Barrett View
1049 What's a Milpitas? Marvin Larson View
1050 What, Me Claudius? Gareth Penn View
1052 When Coping Fails: Advice To Politicians Philip Hughes View
1053 When Will Residential Phone Service Equal That of Business? Tod Wicks View
1054 Where Were You? Gareth Penn View
1055 Where's The Beef Burt Schmitz View
1056 Whirling Dervish George Towner View
1057 Whither American Ethics Harry Raech View
1058 Who Said It First? Paul W. Healy View
1059 Who Says Slavery's Been Abolished? Bill Harvey View
1060 Why a New Magazine? George Towner View
1061 Why Cucumbers Are Better Than Men contributed by Elna Tymes View
1062 Why Cucumbers Are Better Than Men (Part II) Elna Tymes View
1063 Why Don't American Football Fans Chant? Rodrigo Gaspar View
1064 Why We Don't Print Personal Ads View
1065 Why Witchboard? Kenneth Schulze View
1066 Wine Trivia Chod Harris View
1067 Wish You Were Here August Lyons View
1068 Wishing Will Make It So Norman Finson View
1069 Wizard Phyllis Bourne View
1070 Woman Walks into Parked 18-Wheeler JJ Tiger View
1071 Wordology View
1072 Wordplay View
1073 Wordplay View
1074 Words Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. View
1075 World War Theory George Towner View
1076 Worldview '84 Paul W. Healy View
1077 Worldview '84 (conclusion) Paul W. Healy View
1078 Worrying E. J. Cullen View
1079 Writing & Ripov Albert Russo View
1080 Ye Table Societie George Towner View
1081 Yet Another Diet Plan George Towner View
1082 Yor Regor's Last Adventure Earl Meazell View
1083 Yossarian, Where Are You? Blues Russ Traunstein View
1084 You Can Go Home Again Susan Packie View
1085 You May Go Home Again Wes Hight View
1086 Your Blond Ex-Wife Sheila E. Murphy View
1087 Your Roving Wordsleuth Ed Rehmus View
1088 Zaparoonie! Bill Harvey View
1089 Zero Power! Gregory Grove View